En 2004, alors que je faisais passer l'oral d'anglais à une section de BTS Iris d'un lycée de la région de la région parisienne, je me suis aperçu que les candidats récitaient tous plus ou moins la même leçon. Sur mon insistance, l'un d'entre eux me remit le texte de formules toutes faites qui leur avait été donné par leur professeur d'anglais. On le trouvera ci-dessous car il peut manifestement rendre de grands services aux candidats présents et à venir, en espérant que ces derniers se contenteront d'y puiser des éléments de rédaction et s'abstiendront de l'apprendre par cœur.

J'ai ajouté à cette fiche un petit vocabulaire français-anglais relatif au stage professionnel.


▪ I did my internship with IBM  in Paris (or in the Eastern/Western suburbs of Paris, etc.) during the summer 2003.


▪ The Company’s facility is located in a highly industrialized/residential area close to... .

▪ The Company employs  200 staff; among them 25 are part-time employed / have part-time jobs.

▪ The unit where I worked specializes in
- developing software packages
- designing new computer hardware/equipment
- developing new computer technology, etc.

▪ The company has connections/branches nationwide/worldwide.

▪ Every year, the company recruits a certain number of trainees to help students to get / acquire a larger professionnal experience, but also to take advantage of new talents and to maintain/keep a close contact/link with the world of education / the educational community.


▪ Basically, as a trainee, I learned how to
- operate new machinery
- set up a new computer system/network
- implement new computer technologies
- develop new computer tools, etc.

▪ Of course, in the 1st week, I was given a tour of the facility to know my way around and understand the activities and strategies of the company. Thus I was given an introduction to the work with the company.

▪ After that, and despite the existence of several departments, I was primarly posted in / appointed to the department responsible for /dedicated to / in charge of the design of... (or I did my internship primarily in the programming department).

▪ My internship mainly consisted in
- analyzing data
- collecting information/data
- using a new device to...

▪ We worked in groups of 2/3/4 and my tutor helped me to…


▪ I found the experience useful because
- I applied the things I had learned in the classroom in a real-world setting.
- It helped me to define my personal and professional future/project.

▪ Although I learned several useful skills during my internship, I wish I could have seen other parts of the company / I wish I could have spent more time working on new technologies / I wish I could have spent more time on the premises in order to see the results of my work.


▪ In the end, it was a valuable experience because I gained professional expertise / work experience in my particular career field.

▪ What I appreciated most was the atmosphere of trust/confidence and respect between the management and the employees.

▪ I would recommend working at IBM to anyone interested in the development of new computer tools / in computer research, etc.


un stage professionnel a work (experience) placement (brit.) / an internship (amér.)
un stage en entreprise / en milieu industriel an industrial placement (brit.) / a placement in an industrial setting
chercher un stage to look for a work placement (brit.) / an internship (amér.)
trouver un stage to get a work placement (brit.) / an internship (amér.)
suivre un stage en entreprise dans le cadre de son cursus to do/take an industrial placement / internship in a company
as part of one’s school or university course
un stage en programmation informatique / en communication a placement / an internship in computer programming /
in communications
un stage conventionné an official internship
une convention de stage an internship agreement
un stage rémunéré a paid internship
un stage non rémunéré an unpaid internship
un maître de stage a placement supervisor, a mentor
à l’achèvement de la période de stage at the completion/conclusion of the placement period
un certificat de stage a certificate (of completion) of training / a training certificate
un rapport de stage a work experience report (brit.) / an internship report (amér.)
une soutenance de rapport devant un jury a viva (brit.) / a defense (amér.) in front of a board of examiners
un stagiaire a trainee (brit.) / an intern (amér.)
nous avons un stagiaire qui travaille dans notre bureau en ce moment we have an intern working in our office right now
travailler comme stagiaire pour une société to work as a trainee for a company
expérience professionnelle work experience
acquérir une expérience professionnelle to gain work experience
projet en milieu de travail / en entreprise work-based project
observation des tâches / au poste de travail work shadowing / job shadowing
chez un employeur at an employer's premises


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